(Donation) Bunny Wonderland - AP Critter Be Better Powder / Pellet

(Donation) Bunny Wonderland - AP Critter Be Better Powder / Pellet

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Bunny Wonderland is a unique home environment created by Ms Jackie Fang for the care of rabbits. Through this community, Jackie & the Bunny Wonderland (BW) Team hope to advocate responsible rabbit care, care for those in need and find forever homes for the healthy.

APD Critter Be Better Powder / Pellet is ideal for nursing post-sugical, distressed, sick or underweight rabbits.

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Product Description

For $14, a bag of 5lb will be sent on your behalf to Bunny Wonderland.  

All donated purchase to Bunny Wonderland will be collated and sent at the end of each month. 
Consumer information will be shared with Bunny Wonderland.

Find out more about Bunny Wonderland.