(Donation) Animal Lovers League - Sanabelle Adult+

(Donation) Animal Lovers League - Sanabelle Adult+

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Sanabelle Adult+ delivers high quality protein packed in the gluten-free kibble with great taste. Made in Germany. 

  • With fresh poultry (minimum 20%).
  • Grain Free - made only with gluten free cereal & grains
  • With Berries & Herbs - antioxidant & eyesight support 
  • Rich in chondroitin & glucosamine to support & maintain bone cartilage
  • With Chicory, a natural source of prebiotic inulin which helps to prevent bad gut flora and supports good gut flora
  • With marigold flower , to supports a healthy digestion & lower blood sugar
  • With Taurine, essential amino acids to support the immune system
  • Free of artificial additive. No artificial colours, aroma, preservatives & soya.

For every purchase of Sanabelle Adult, the food and 10% of your purchase amount will be sent on your behalf to Animal Lovers League.
All donated purchase to ALL will be collated and sent at the end of each month. 
Consumer information will be shared with ALL.

Find out more about ALL on their website

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Regular Price: S$ 9.00

Promotion: S$ 7.20

Product Description


  • Stable Intestinal Flora: Natural minerals & linseed help promote digestion & stimulate intestinal flora
  • Cell Protection: Antioxidants with Selenium help protect cells & prevent aging process
  • Water Transit Agent: Help to naturally absorb & expel water, preventing kidney & urinary issues
  • Hairball Passage: Natural fibre help reduce hairball formation and help pass it through the intestine
  • Reduce Stool Smell: Enriched with yucca extract to help enhance intestinal enzyme system

Sanabelle Adult+ Ostrich  -  Low cholesterol, lean red meat for a healthy cat