SMAKS Treats – Berry Heart Cookies (1.75 oz)

SMAKS Treats – Berry Heart Cookies (1.75 oz)
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Combining all-natural, wholesome fruits &vegetables with hay and flax into a baked cookie treat made especially for your pet’s enjoyment

  • Natural berries and strawberries
  • Flax meal/Omega 3 essential fatty acids. 
  • Inulin which promotes healthy intestinal bacteria
  • Brewer’s yeast improves gut micro flora & fiber digestion
  • Yucca prevents respiratory issues and habitat odour


Great for all small pets

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Barley and Rye flour, strawberries and blueberries ,Vegetable oil, flax meal, molassas, Brewer’s yeast, Hay meal, Prebiotics (inulin), Yucca Extract 
(No added wheat, corn or soy)


Crude Protein

Crude Fat

Crude Fiber






Feeding Recommendation

Break them in half or give them whole.
You can feed up to 1 full cookie per day; great for bonding or training. 

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